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Jul 16, 2020 8:01:08 PM / by Joy Youell

Due to the urgency of COVID-19, healthcare providers are scrambling to find technology solutions to help them navigate through these unprecedented times. Medical centers are having to quickly adapt to mandatory safety guidelines, telehealth and quarantine requirements. In the wake of this, technology has to adjust to healthcare industry needs. 

Health professionals struggle to cope with patient volume alone as symptomatic individuals rush to doctors offices and testing centers. This is where innovative healthcare technology can come in to assist medical centers and provide better care to all of their patients. 

Continue reading to learn the way that the medical field is managing COVID-19 by activating the latest in healthcare IT.

Disease Surveillance and Response

Technology is one of the most important tools during this crisis. Healthcare IT consulting firms are working to understand what is most needed. This has introduced technology like COVID-19 hotlines, diagnostic tools, triage solutions and more to the healthcare IT world. 

Here are some of the most beneficial and exciting technology innovations to come from coronavirus:

  • To help limit the spread of coronavirus, many companies are releasing contact tracing apps. These big data healthcare apps have to be approved by the government due to security issues but can be extremely effective in curbing the spread of the disease.

In April, Australia released COVIDSafe. Through bluetooth, this app registers contact with others who also have the app. It tracks the location, time and duration of contact which is stored on the user’s phone. If a person with the app tests positive for coronavirus, everyone that they came into contact with within 21 days will receive a notification. Since its release, the app has seen over two million downloads. Contact tracing is being used on platforms as big as national agencies and as small as nursing homes. 

  • In Chicago, Illinois, the Northwestern University Technological Institute is working on smart Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This could include face masks with sensors that can detect COVID-19 symptoms. The face masks would also tell the user if they are wearing their PPE incorrectly or if they are starting to become fatigued. 

The engineers producing this technology have used similar sensors in various other projects. This equipment could assist medical personnel to notice coronavirus symptoms quicker.

  • The healthcare technology startup recently released an innovative diagnostic tool to be used at the Royal Bolton Hospital in the United Kingdom. This technology uses artificial intelligence to scan chest x-rays for signs of coronavirus. It can also discern the stage and progression of the disease, helping healthcare providers understand which patients are the most critical. This tool is used for tuberculosis and other lung diseases, but was adapted to diagnose COVID-19.’s technology is helping medical professionals efficiently detect and track this disease. 

Autonomous Robot Fights COVID-19 Virus

In Bahrain, Fab Lab has designed a robot that helps fight coronavirus. This autonomous robot uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to disinfect open spaces such as industrial sights or unused offices. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is used to kill different microorganisms by interrupting their RNA or DNA. 

In the past, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation has been used in air purifiers and water purification. However, because COVID-19 is an RNA virus, it may be susceptible to ultraviolet germicidal radiation. This means that this robot could be used to slow the spread of coronavirus. This healthcare COVID-19 technology may change the way that medical providers think about disinfectants. While this technology has not been proven to completely eradicate the disease, it is an impressive advancement in fighting coronavirus. 

Reduce Risk of Disease With Waiting Room Management

Medical centers don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars on expensive equipment to utilize technology for the COVID-19 response. DocClocker offers simple solutions with big impacts. 

They offer waiting room management services such as: 

  • Remote check in
  • Real time wait times
  • Doctor locators
  • Reviewing services
  • Automated messages
  • Operating room updates
  • And more!

Go to to learn more about how these features can improve your experience as a physician or patient.

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